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The Punk Rock Flea Market YYC is an event that focuses on underground art, alternative fashion and anything that surrounds alternative culture. It is a place to give like minded artists, creators, vendors, movers & shakers of all kinds a place to showcase their creations and hopefully make a little extra money selling their wares. If you are a fan of weirdo art, vinyl records, vintage clothes or possibly a collector of strange and unusual things, this event is for you. As a vendor - if you ever felt like your work wasn't "normy" enough for the markets out there, put in an application. Let's show you off.

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How much is it to attend?

It Is FREE to attend the PRFMYYC Event!

Is it accessible?

We are striving to make this an accessible market for people of all ages, abilities and exceptionalities. To help make this an accessible market we have chosen a venue that is strictly on one level, with accessible bathrooms. Please see the Venue info page for venue specific information because we may change locations from time to time.

Is it inclusive?

The whole point of the Punk Rock Flea Market is to create a space that is inclusive, positive, and safe for people of all experiences, ages, cultures, gender identities, abilities economic statuses. We will tolerate NO hate of any sort at our events, and reserve the right to to remove, at our discretion, anyone who is abusing or harassing our vendors, patrons, or staff.

As a group, we stand to improve and learn, to receive criticism and respond, engage in dialogue and take accountability for our actions. 

PRFM Events

What if I'm not Punk Rock?

The name “Punk Rock Flea Market” has more to do with the DIY spirit of the event. We are a collection of relaxed and creative artists, activists, and anarchists of every color, gender & race. If you want to come and attend/vend, then you are punk enough for us.

The only items and vendors we  don't accept  are wholesale crystal sellers or MLMS.


Put this on your vision board- A low brow weirdo butterdome craft show, without the snooze fest. Viva La Revolution!

We are stoked to offer a PRFM Market right here in YYC. We felt it was something the Calgary scene was missing, and wanted to bring you this rad DIY market to showcase Calgarys's weird and wonderful. The PRFMYYc is proud to be a part of a string of Canadian Versions of the market, and have been ushered in by the Toronto and London Punk Rock Fleas.  If you're ever in that area and want to vend, please check their socials for vendor calls/info:

Toronto, ON PRFM Toronto
Winnipeg. MB (WPRFM)
London, ON   PRFM London
Hamilton, ON PRFM Hamilton

Edmonton, AB PRFM Edmonton

Looking to sell your punk/alternative inspired wares at the Punk Rock Flea Market YYC or visit us at one of our pop-up markets? We're open for business - keep your eyes peeled for our next vendor call!

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